Life’s journey can take us through a variety troubled times and stormy waters.  I firmly believe that God is glorified when we worship Him in the midst of trials and tribulations.  During my deepest moments of affliction, I have found that God’s music has the ability to change my focus away from the trials of life that have overwhelmed me, and turn my focus to the Lord, who has brought me peace, sometimes in the very midst of great tribulations.  This musical production tells the story of a God who was faithful to me–a young man from East Detroit, Michigan, who desperately needed God’s intervention.  From the low estate from which he saved me, to the storms of life through which He has helped me….

Through it all, He’s Been Faithful!

May you find this music to be a source of comfort and encouragement for the journey God has chosen for you.
…..Daryl Bujak

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